deft was made by Guillaume Bailey.

It is a turn-based, deterministic tactics game, where units attack by moving according to weapon attack patterns. Above is the webgl version of the tutorial. Scroll down for the Windows Binary if you want to face the AI, jump right into Online Multiplayer, or just play the tutorial in glorious full screen mode!

Planned features:

0.2.0 Predictive UI

0.2.1 Undos/Turn Playback

0.3.0 Online Play

0.4.0 Single Player

0.5.0 Tutorial

New Maps/Map Editor


Potion System

Many of the icons in the game are modified or unmodified versions of icons from, used under the CC 3.0 license.

Banner and background of this page by @PowWhale.


Download 13 MB
Version 10 Apr 07, 2017